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Hetal Mehta

Hetal Mehta - mechanical engineer, technocrat, researcher, entrepreneur

Hetal Mehta

is a

mechanical engineer







and social worker. He earnestly believes in holistic development of an individual and the society; and contributes significantly towards this by participating in various renowned organizations in leadership positions. His contributions towards technological developments and social welfare are well recognized at both state & central government levels.

Hetal Mehta

holds a patient with credit for a machine that he designed which efficiently performs the process of cutting and polishing diamonds and is widely used in diamond finishing industry. He dedicatedly runs his firm – Happy Engineering – which manufactures electrical Induction motors catering to the needs of various processing and manufacturing companies.

With his vision of leveraging technology to enhance standards of industrial/business performances as well as to uplift the standards of living and knowledge of individuals; he leads associations and organizations wholeheartedly playing an important link between the government agencies and committees and the business entities.

He strongly believes in the philosophy that an individual may have acquired significant amount of wealth and fame in his lifetime, but can achieve his soul’s contentment only by giving back to the society. His contributions towards the society ranges from various humanitarian welfare activities to bringing state-of-the-art advanced technologies to raise the standards of industries & businesses in India.

“The energy and enthusiasm to drive all these comes from the unconditional love and support from my family & well-wishers”, says Hetal Mehta. He is a dedicated son to his parents, supportive sibling to his brothers, loving husband to his spouse, committed father to his children, and a trusted comrade to his friends, relatives and associates. He is an avid vacationer and curious traveller. His expeditions and adventures go from mountains to rivers, from Bhutan to Tokyo, Paris and beyond.

Hetal is a firm believer of religion and traditions. He keeps himself on the path of Karma Yoga guided by his guru and is a devoted worshiper and follower. He participates and involves himself deeply in all traditional rituals and festivities.

Er. Hetal Rumendra Mehta


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